Joshua Milford Web Developer

Dusting Off an Old Project

About 4 years ago, I built a tool to help me get through my Instapaper list a little faster. I love love love love love Instapaper, but it’s not without its (very minor) shortcomings.

While its full-text search feature works like a champ, it can take a few seconds. In the iOS apps, once you select a search result, you can’t then act on it, whether it be starring, archiving, or deleting. Additionally, once you close the selected search result, you’ve gotta search again, as the results are cleared.

I needed something that would allow me to quickly filter articles by their titles and give me some options, allowing me to knock out my read later list. So I built InstaPUNCH. It’s a pretty niche tool for a very specific use-case, but it’s really useful for me.

In an effort to kind of increase my web presence over the past few months, I decided it would be cool to pull out an old project and see if it still stands. And it does! It’s far, far, far from perfect, and I plan on completely rewriting it soon, but it’s super-cool to revisit an old, almost forgotten about project and see that it still works.

So, if you’re an Instapaper user who’s looking for a tiny side-kick for the service, check out InstaPUNCH and knock out your read later list!